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Christopher Matthew, Jayson & Stephen Munding, your Mum loves you!






To my Sons

They are all in my thoughts every day every moment,

They may have moved, they may have forgotten me,

but I have not forgotten them.

I am here to help, with any request my sons may put forward, I love them all. My family also wait and hope that the silence will be broken and we can all be part of your lives.

All our love

Mum, Martin, Kelly, Kristy and Family


The Birthday, Christmas presents / cards sent have never been confirmed.

Therefore, this year the gifts I have chosen this year will be packed away neatly with the many mementoes, notes and diaries. They will be kept until they can be claimed. I feel this is for the best.

If I could I would have carried to them, and given them personally. I hope to one day.


As of February 2011, I was officially diagnosed with A-Typical Autism Spectrum Disorder, something I was born with.

This was diagnosed by the best Adult Assessment Facility in the world, South London & Maudsley NHS Hospital.

Since this diagnosis, life has improved.

For those who were not aware of this, you were never equipped with what is required to handle the meltdowns, stress, anxiety, lack of consequential awareness or just be able to communicate with me...it was not your fault.

Please understand I gave birth to three sons, who may in the future need more support.

I want them to lead the fullest of lives, be happy, healthy and hopefully accept life as it is.



It has been a grueling 9 years journey this far, I now have schools and general knowledge of my children's whereabouts. However still not a letter, card?

Finding my children and being able to rebuild our relationship is my biggest ambition.


May 2, 2011 18:13 GMT


Baby Ethan arrive 28th January 2011, my sons are step-uncle to him.

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