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Aug 5th 2012: With no sign of my my children contacting me, responding to Friend Requests on Social Network Sites, plans are in place to update the site, turning it in to a awareness site. Helping others locate or help locate missing children across the world.

January 2011: My Step-Daughter gave birth to a son Ethan, 6.8lbs and born 28th January 2011 at 19:14hrs. He is a wonderful addition to our family.

Dec 5th 2008: Dave Will died, age 60 of a brain bleed. He collapsed into a coma on 24th November 2008. He was my Father-in-Law and a wonderful man, musician and Grandfather.

November 2007: I found my sons - Matt & Jayson on Myspace. I sent a friend request to them after sending an email to their Father requesting his permission to contact them.

Sadly, I have received a reply... not the one I'd hoped/prayed for. It was in very plain english. It was very hard to accept, but it is my oldest's son's wish not to have any contact with me. I do respect his wishes. But hope one day he will change his mind.

September 2007: Matthew is a Star .... for his birthday. I had a star named in his honor. The documentation was shipped from Starnamer.com direct.

August 2007: Jayson's Birthday has been and gone. Another card & gift to go into storage. Stephen's birthday package was returned - unopened. We will attempt to send both Jayson's & Stephen's together, again.

July 2007: New report cards have arrived, along with Hilli High Yearbook. A small but detached insight of my son's school life.

June 2007: Birthday Season cards & gifts are being sent.

May 2007: We moved to a rural 16th Century English Cottage, contact details are available via contact me page

April 2007: Easter in Ireland meeting my new Mother-in-law

March 2007: Still silence, UK Mother's Day 18th March

February 2007 Still no response .

January 8th, 2007: My 36th Birthday has passed very quietly.

January 2nd, 2007: Happy New Year to all, let us hope bygones can be bygones.

December 31st, 2006: There has been no contact from my children, their Father or anyone representing them.

December 19, 2006: As of the 18th December 2006 another letter has been sent from my UK Attorney to my Ex requesting his co-operation. See communications page

December 12, 2006 My sons school portraits have arrived. I will not be posting these to this site, as I do not wish to do so without their permission.

December 9, 2006: I married Martin C Will at 12 noon in Stowmarket Registry Office

December 7, 2006: Officially accepted by the Chief Superintendent Registrar, and officially married on Saturday 9th December 2006 at 12 noon GMT.

November 23, 2006: Martin & I will be getting married on the 9th December 2006, if the divorce paperwork is accepted by the UK Superintendent Registrar.

According to UK Law my sons Father & I are still married. We married in the UK and nothing has been filed in the UK about our US divorce. Only four states divorce proceedings are recognized, New Mexico's isn't one.

November 14, 2006: Now as the recognized Biological Mother of my children, I am to receive academic report cards for all of my sons.

November 3, 2006: In contact with my children's Step Grandmother. I am temporarily in contact with this person, she assures me that my children are happy and at the moment choose not to contact me. She has agreed to relay my message.

October 30th 2006: My children's step grandmother has identified herself as 'Berkshire' & '3_boy_Stepmom' who was posting within a forum (see 19th October 2006) I have received support from. I do appreciate her honesty and appreciate her insight, Thank you Mona

October 27th 2006: I have received an email from my sons principle offering the opportunity to purchase yearbooks.

October 19th 2006: My post to Families.com was closed due to harassing posts.

Help wanted, Miracles needed - This thread has since been archived

After the forum coordinators investigated, they have determined that berkshire and step mom are the same person, or at least posting from the same household. Several members reported step mom's post, and asked that Families.com look into it. The stories just fit too neatly.

28th Sept 2006 7pm GMT: I had a telephone conference call with NCMEC. They spoke with my ex in August 2006, he refused voluntary access.

The NCMEC has withdrawn from trying to seek a pro bono/sliding fee attorney. They did find suitable representation in New Mexico, but to date have been unable to locate anyone in Oregon.

With 1700 cases all trying to find or need help, someone has to get left behind.

That someone today has a name, Stephen Munding aged 14. My youngest son.

This still remains a Hague access case, I just have to locate and afford an attorney

15th August 2006, Christopher Munding has contacted my web hosting provider, stating some of the content is untrue.

I am supplying evidence to prove all points raised

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